Farming Competing for Land with Other Industries

Farming and urbanization has always been two conflicting forces in the modern society. Commercial forces buys up cheap land on the outskirts of the cities to build massive complexes of stores. Big malls are more and more common and they grow larger. These malls contains all kinds of commercial entities: luxury brand stores, food stores, movie theatres and casinos. Building large entertainment complexes are more common as well, where you have bars and restaurants combined with theatres and casinos. Las Vegas is the most common example of this, where the whole city is built up around the casino hotels with huge floors with blackjack and slot machines. In New Zealand there are more modest casinos, but we should not underestimate them.

Auckland SKYCITY Casino

In the middle of Auckland there is an amazing 328 metre tower that houses hotels, fantastic restaurants and also one of New Zealand’s best casinos. From the top of the tower visitors can see really far away and the big glass windows makes the experience even more thrilling. For the more adventurous visitors there are options to do bungee jump from the tower. There are sky cities in Hamilton and Queenstown as well.


Like most other countries in the world New Zealand has seen a tremendous urbanization during the last 30 years. Some reports suggests that the country has 85.7% of its population living in cities which would make it one of the most urbanized countries in the world. This is interesting since the country has historically been a rural paradise with a big farming industry. Since the seventies the increase in efficiency of farming the need for a big work force on the countryside has declined. We can only hope that the countryside will flourish and that the wilderness will be kept for generations to come.