Resources You Need to Take Care of Chickens

If you have just a few chickens, taking care of them can be fast. You will need to be removing manure, adding new litter, cleaning water supply containers and adding food to the bins.

1068-1238314004JCiEMore chickens does not necessarily equal to more time you will need to spend caring for them. For example, if you have one larger pen, then caring for twenty birds will only take fractionally longer than cleaning after and checking on five birds.

What does play a large role in how much time you will spend is the way you house your chickens. If you keep them in individual cages, then be prepared to spend five to ten minutes per cage during weekly cleaning.

Speaking of cages, pens, and space, a full-sized adult chicken needs at least of 2 square feet of shelter floor space and at least 3 square feet of outside range space. These are the minimum numbers. If you want your chickens running around when they are not sleeping, you need more than 3 square feet. The more space you have for your chickens, the better.

Also don’t forget to add space to store food, supplies, and probably a separate space to store used litter and manure.

Speaking of coop height, it doesn’t have to be taller than three feet. However, a smaller coop means that you will need to bend a lot when cleaning it, which is why many New Zealand farmers prefer coops tall enough to walk upright inside of them.

Chickens are somewhat noisy, which is why you want to make sure that there are no neighbors next to the spot on your farm where you build your coop.

When it comes to money, the cost of buying chickens for your New Zealand farm is not likely to break your budget unless you plan on buying rare breeds.